onadata package



onadata.celery module

Celery module for onadata.

class onadata.celery.Celery(main=None, loader=None, backend=None, amqp=None, events=None, log=None, control=None, set_as_current=True, tasks=None, broker=None, include=None, changes=None, config_source=None, fixups=None, task_cls=None, autofinalize=True, namespace=None, strict_typing=True, **kwargs)

Bases: celery.app.base.Celery

Celery class that allows Sentry configuration.


Register Sentry for celery tasks.

onadata.devwsgi module

Module contents

Onadata django application, provides ODK Aggregate Server APIs, ODK Briefcase API and a REST API to manage data analysis, collection and visualization.